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Did you know that some websites can have return visitor rates of up to 80% and most of those visitors return within the same day? Clearly, there is an opportunity here to provide these return customers with relevant information. How do we do that? Behavioral targeting is a practical and smart way to personalize the website for different types of visitors upon return.

Behavioral Targeting is a term that sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable, but knowing how targeting works will help you understand why its important to your website performance. Any time you come to an site and you are greeted with a Welcome back message, or shown complimentary products to your last purchase on the site, youll know that Behavioral targeting is making your site experience more relevant and making your visit a more productive and satisfying one.

So how does behavioral targeting work? When you visit a website, you get and your visit details get stored. This cookie is then used to put you in a bucket of visitors whos behavior resembles yours, for example, repeat visitor, campaign responder, or frequent purchaser. Depending on your bucket, youll be presented with different content upon your visit compared to other website visitors whose behavior is different from yours.

Targeting existing customers the opportunity to acknowledge your insight on their interests and needs, and when done effectively, it also can be a very powerful tool in building a long-term relationship with your customers.

However, marketers must beware that when targeting existing customers, there is an increased burden to be more precise with your messaging. While targeting current customers keeps them engaged with your site, they will expect that the message they receive is not broad, but rather based on what you know about them.

The challenge for marketers is to find the right balance between connecting the dots in terms of past behaviors and projecting that insight into relevant content that may be valuable, without overstepping boundaries. Targeting based on actual collected behavioral data and not implied behaviors may provide a middle ground thats likely to yield more effective results than non-targeted efforts, but doesnt cross the line of creepy. Fundamentally, targeting current customers offers the ability to deliver an experience and set of personal and relevant content that should improve conversion, but also needs to be delivered in a contextual and subtle manner.

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