Old Air Product

About the client

Established in 1989, Old Air Products is a renowned leader in air conditioning systems and replacement parts for classic, custom, and antique vehicles.

The Challenge

  • Volume of Transactions
  • Cost Per Conversions
  • Google Ads Cost

Our Results

Here is a quick run down of our results:

  • Total transaction volume increased by 85.1%
  • Cost per Conversion (CPA) has decreased by 62.7%
  • Google Ads spend has decreased by 31%
  • Google Ads conversion rate has increased 122.2%
  • Ecommerce Conversion rate for Google CPC has increased 64.5% compared to organic traffic for the same period with 40.6%.
  • Google CPC is now one of the best performing source of traffic.
  • Increased the likelihood of a visitor to convert. From 1 customer out of 100 visitors to around 1 customer out of only 50 visitors.

Services provided:

  • Competitors Keywords Research
  • Bid Strategies Optimization
  • Google AdWords TEA Optimization
  • Location & Device Performance Analysis
  • AdWords Demographics Optimization
  • Click Fraud Optimization
  • Intelligent Auto Bid Management

Complex Solution Provided:

  • Google Search Ads +
  • Google Dynamic Search Ads +
  • Google Shopping +
  • Google Remarketing

Step-by-Step Solutions