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Take a moment and agree that only a few of your visitors actually buy products from your website. Before eCommerce, I have never seen small businesses open their wallets to salesmen and not hold them accountable to deliver what they promise. In eCommerce, the salesman is Google of course.

I want you to agree that Google is the only company that will charge you to deliver customers to your website, not deliver any sales, and you will not do a chargeback on them. Not only will you not do a chargeback, but you will continue to pay them with the false hopes that something will change one day. This reminds me of Vegas, as well as the taxes we pay every year to the government. It is shocking that Google was able to train all of us to behave like that.

Google may send you visitors that look impressive. Google Analytics will show you that thousands of visitors are entering your website, spending five minutes on the website and browsing 10 page views on average. Ask yourself why are so many visitors, not making a purchase?

Can you imagine 1000 visitors coming into your real physical store, and only one of them makes a purchase, wouldnt you see something wrong with that?


Based on our research we found that an average eCommerce has the following visitors:

  • 10% - Potential customers, that we call Real High Engaged Visitors. Ex: If you only get 100 TOTAL visitors per day then you are working with only 10 high engaged visitors (potential customers)

  • 20% - Botnets or (garbage visitors that should be ignored)

  • 60% - Poor engagement visitors that were not interested in your website or products

  • 10% - Real Visitors that bounced from the website

if you can stop paying for botnets and poor engagement visitors, and only buy High Engaged visitors traffic you would be truly successful. You can do that today, using the right analytics tools.

Using TEA (Threat and Engagement Analytics) by Shopping Cart Elite we will be covering two negative visitor behavior trends that can occur with high engaged visitor traffic, Poor Product Selection and Window Shopping.

Poor Product Selection is when a real high engaged visitor enters your website and starts browsing different . Most professional marketers will tell you that this is exciting news, and the sales will come any minute now. Little do they know that the visitors are actually frustrated because they cant find the products they want to purchase. They are frustrated because they were mainly browsing your search results page without ever finding the product.


When Real High Engaged visitors are browsing your search result pages for more than one minute and never visit a product page, this will trigger a negative trend inside TEA called Poor Product Selection.

NOTE: This is impossible to detect with Google Analytics, or any other analytics because you must confirm the visitor is a real human, otherwise, you will be optimizing for botnets. TEA is the only analytics in the world that can automatically detect real human visitors, and analyze them.


1. You have to see which keywords are sending you these visitors. Sometimes you will notice that 100% of the Poor Product Selection visitors is coming from a specific keyword or a specific referrer, and thus you should stop advertising or ranking for it.

2. We had a client who was spending 600 dollars per month for a keyword, and he was getting a few sales from it. He had A LOT of negative engagement trends including Poor Product Selection. Once he looked deeper he noticed that it wasnt the keyword problem, it was a referrer problem. When you advertise with Google, they display your ads on hundreds of other websites. This client had many referrers such as Google Adwords, Price Grabber, Ask,Amazon Ads, etc. sending visitors, but only Amazon Ads was responsible for converting visitors into customers while all the others were causing negative trends and poor engagement. Eliminating all the referrers except Amazon Ads fixed the problem. Instead of spending 600 per month for one keyword, now he was only paying 30 per month, and getting the same amount of sales. Shopping Cart Elite and TEA helped this client go from 40k per month in ad spend to 9k per month while keeping the same amount of sales in only 60 days. He was able to do it all HIMSELF.

If you notice that ALL of your keywords trigger Poor Product Selection then you may be targeting to a broad market, and you do not have enough products on your website.

Here is what you can do:

a. Add more products that your customers are looking to purchase from your website. You can figure that out by looking at the keywords they search on your website. Shopping Cart Elite gives a report to show you how many searches were done for each keyword, and how many relevant products were found.

b. Change your advertising to focus on specific products instead of general keyword terms.

c. Set up a live chat to pop-up a message when your visitors encounter the Poor Product Selection trend. If you have Shopping Cart Elite Live Chat, it will automatically pop-up the chat a few seconds before the visitor leaves. It predicts the time when a visitor will leave by comparing the past visitor history for each keyword and referrer.

d. If you notice that all your high engaged visitors are triggering poor product selection on specific categories of your website, this means that you dont have ANY products that your customers want, or you dont have the RIGHT products on your website.

An example is a client who has a furniture website. I was personally browsing it because I needed a night stand. After browsing his night stand category, I realized I was actually looking for a white, affordable, modern looking night stand, but the website did not have a way for me to sort by that filter. I was unable to sort by night stand type, night stand color, and after browsing the whole category I did not find a nightstand I was looking for and then I left the website. You can create filters in Shopping Cart Elite, it just takes to do it.

There could be many reasons for Poor Product Selection to occur. It is crucial that you start investigating the keyword, then the referrers, then the product categories and finally the products themselves to fix this trend.

This is extremely important to resolve because this is a serious problem.

Take a moment and step into the customer shoes, and follow their trail to see what they experienced. TEA allows you to see each page view of each visitor in a trend, and you can render a screen shot of what they did on that page that day. Just by taking an hour to look through these screen shots, you will likely experience the same frustration that the customer had experienced when browsing your website.


Real High Engaged Visitors that are browsing your search result pages for more than one minute and keep visiting random product for under a minute will trigger this negative trend inside TEA.


1. If both Poor Product Selection and Window Shopping are triggered together, then this is a confirmation that the customer is looking for something that you should have on your website, but they couldnt find it. You should look at each page view of each visitor and try to understand why they browsed in that specific order before leaving. A lot of times you will notice they are searching for something that you have, but it is not clearly listed on your website.

2. Window Shopping can also occur when you have non-attractive images, poor headlines, or poor bullets. Window shoppers are usually browsing your website on the defensive, so you must give them something (like a candy), to get them neutral so you can engage them with your sales copy.

3. If you find that you do have products that your customers are trying to purchase, but they simply cant find them in the search results. Then you should start optimizing your search relevancy for your products. In Shopping Cart Elite, you can do so by

a. Search Tags You can insert keywords that customers use to find a specific product and this will increase the relevancy of products to show up higher in the results

b. Compare Search Tags Enter brand names as well as part numbers of other brands that will help customers find the right product

c. Optimize Titles Make your title more attractive and include catchy headlines with SEO related keywords

d. Using LSI keywords in Titles and Search Tags LSI is another term for search engine synonyms. LSI will allow you to find and add slang keywords or abbreviation keywords to your titles

If certain keywords or referrers are performing on your website, and others are sending you poor product selection and window shopping visitors, then chances are you should stop doing business with certain referrers because they do not have the quality visitors that you need. You can put more funds towards referrers who are performing by eliminating those that are not.

The end goal is to get more High Engaged Visitors to your website and get them to convert into customers. If all of your High Engaged Visitor traffic is window shopping or experiencing a poor product selection, then you either have a problem somewhere on your website or your traffic sources need to be heavily audited.


TEA is built into Shopping Cart Elite, and it provides you with a weekly performance report on how you can improve your website just like what youve read above. It will tell you which keywords you should keep buying, optimizing and drop. It will also tell you exactly where your website needs improvement for conversion optimization based on TEA analytics. It will clearly tell you what your positive and negative engagement trends are on your website, so you can focus your attention toward the right place of your website and improve it.

The performance report will also recommend marketing courses to address certain issues that are included at no charge with Shopping Cart Elite. If you want to optimize and experience the best possible conversions on your website, and the best possible return on your advertising spend, then sign up for Shopping Cart Elite today, you will glad you finally did it.