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What if you can just stop worrying about SEO? What if you can spend $1,000 Google Adwords and make $20,000 in gross sales. What if you can just make a system that works day in and day out? You would never have to worry about generating leads and sales again because it would be automated with consistent results. Let me tell you why I know that it is possible because we developed a system for ourselves that can give us as many leads as we want. We control the flow of new customers with our advertising, and we can increase and decrease leads at any given time at low cost with consistent results.

If you are wondering why we dont just explode our sales, the answer is we dont want to do it yet. We want to grow slowly so we can scale our equipment and customer service as we get new customers. This way we can provide the level of service for new clients and existing clients based on our core values. If we were to increase sales without having the right equipment and customer service, we would quickly collapse.

If I showed you how to develop a system that works for your business, and you can get as many sales you want on demand every single time, how would that change your business?

let me explain to you what I mean by system. Some people refer to it as a process, work manual, daily task list, workflow, work guide, etc. I simply call it a system because I try to take all of those terms and combine it into something that works, a system.

McDonalds that sells Burgers is a great example of a system that works. If you open four locations right now, Los Angeles, New York, London, and New Delphi India, then you will need exactly three weeks to find , minimum wage workers from a Now Hiring window sign, and you will have a functional business that generates on average two million dollars per year per location, and produces the same exact food regardless of what location you will visit.

How is it possible that McDonalds can go from nothing to two million dollars per year by hiring people off the street to produce results that satisfy their target customers, and work 9-5 shifts while you are putting in 14 hour days and cant make ends meet?

The reason this works for McDonalds because they have a system that works. McDonalds was also once a small struggling business with just a single store location. It took 20 years to perfect the system that can make a business go from zero to two million in three weeks with low skilled, and minimum wage workers. McDonalds employs 34,000 people worldwide and generates four billion dollars per year using this half a century old system. That is what I call a successful system. If we divide the numbers, McDonalds makes a gross of $117,000 per year for each employee, how much does your business make per employee?

If you want to learn more about building your system, I recommend you listen to these books:

  • This book

  • And This book

Most of us waste so much time during driving, watching TV, etc. Download the books and listen to them on your free time. Take a weekend off and listen to both of them. It will be one of your best decisions you will have ever made.

Once you understand that you need a system, let me tell you what software tools you need for your system.

you must have the new analytics tool called Threat and Engagement Analytics (TEA). There is a video below of Igor Soshkins presentation at SIIA explaining this new tool.

Shopping Cart Elite developed TEA and they were nominated as for two awards, Best SEO and Next Generation Award.

The reason you need TEA because there is no way you will be able to perfect your marketing system without the right tools. Here are a few examples that you must solve

  • Eliminate the bounce rate

  • Eliminate bad advertisers that are sending and botnets

  • Eliminate the advertisers that are sending you traffic that will never convert

  • What visitors are doing on your website and improve their experience to maximize your conversions

  • Which advertisers are responsible for the sales? What if you the visitor came from Google Organic, Google Pay Per Click, Facebook and Email Marketing before the sale was closed, you need to know who is responsible.

  • And much more

  • Just a quick reminder again, TEA is not available IN THE WORLD, and it is only available through Shopping Cart Elite

All of the above bullets can be solved using Threat and Engagement analytics, and there is no other company in the world today that has this tool. That also includes crappy Google Analytics that cause more damage to your decision making than benefit, because it is full of rubbish and confusing information. You are better off not using any analytics at all if you are using Google Analytics.

Speaking of Google, you need to review their history to truly understand their goals when it comes to online advertisers. Just recently they settled for half a billion dollars in a federal case, where Google was guilty of helping companies selling illegal drugs in the United States. If you read the case, even the founders and most of management knew what they were doing, and let it go through because of how much money was being made.

How about Google Shopping going from free to paid after one decade. When Google went public in 2004, the Founders Letter that was part of its IPO filing specifically named paid inclusion as a practice that should be shunned, saying under the Dont Be Evil section.

The full IPO filing has other references against paid inclusion, such as (Ive bolded the key parts):

Objectivity. We believe it is very important that the results users get from Google are produced with only their interests in mind.

We do not accept money for search result ranking or inclusion. We do accept fees for advertising, but it does not influence how we generate our search results. The advertising is clearly marked and separated. This is similar to a newspaper, where the articles are independent of the advertising.

Some of our competitors charge for inclusion in their indices or for more frequent updating of pages. Inclusion and frequent updating in our index are open to all sites free of charge.

We apply these principles to each of our products and services. We believe it is important for users to have access to the best available information and research, not just the information that someone pays for them to see.


Froogle [now called Google Shopping] enables people to easily find products for sale online.

Most online merchants are also automatically included in Froogles index of shopping sites. Because we do not charge merchants for inclusion in Froogle, our users can browse product categories or conduct product searches with confidence that the results we provide are relevant and unbiased.

The free program was shut down in 2012. Now do not take my opinion about Googles actions as if they do not have the traffic that you need. They have more traffic than your business can handle.

However, looking at Googles history and how you come into the picture, you should not BELIEVE GOOGLE, DO NOT RELY ON THEIR GOOGLE ANALYTICS or ANY OF THEIR AUTOMATED BIDDING. Google makes half-baked products on purpose to give you a taste of traffic but never to optimize it or see the whole picture.

Can you imagine how much money Google would lose if they released Threat and Engagement analytics into Google Analytics, and showed all their customers that 80% of the traffic they get is garbage? They would LOSE BILLIONS overnight. How do you think they make so much money - By selling you garbage traffic. Why do you think your business suffers and you end up paying more money month after month?

Google took the U.S. Education system approach, they trained all the experts to shove their Google Analytics down everyones throat so you will believe this is the only system that works to track your traffic. They even made it FREE so you cant complain, and competitors like TEA cant compete. But behind the they took your bank account hostage with your permission. And you think it is OK for them to steal your money on a daily basis!

When was the last time that you got something for FREE, that was actually valuable? You think Google Analytics is valuable to you? Wait until you run TEA, and realize how much money Google stole from you for making it free, and you will change your mind.

Ignorance is Bliss, Dont be Naive. You are smarter than that, and that is why you should look at all the available options on how to better track your traffic and sales.

Now before, you can use Threat and Engagement Analytics, you need to make a decision. Do you learn Google Adwords by yourself, or will you outsource this to a trusted

Even though TEA is an awesome tool, you need to understand how to do marketing before you can use TEA to do tracking.

Here are the resources below for both options:


  • Google Adwords Course (7 hours) - Learn Google Adwords from Google directly. You should do this course to understand the basics.

  • SpyFu University (5 hours) - If you want to learn all the tips and tricks for Google Adwords you should do learn SpyFu inside out, and their blog is an excellent way to start. You can cover all of them within one day

  • Shopping Cart Elite with TEA (Threat and Engagement Analytics - You need an system that can automate your SEO, Marketing and Operations all in one suite.

  • TEA is only $199 per month if you use it with Shopping Cart Elite. It will pay for itself. We have several clients who are paying $200,000 - $500,000 per year for TEA for their external system (pricing for enterprises)

  • You can use TEA, a half a million dollar system for literally a few hundred dollars per month with Shopping Cart Elite - Worlds Most Sophisticated eCommerce System.

  • You can get the whole Shopping Cart Elite system with all the tools including TEA, unlimited and storage for several hundred dollars. This is BRAINIER system once you make your marketing plan.


Martha Orloci is an expert in using Threat and Engagement Analytics, so if you sign up with Shopping Cart Elite she can assist you with using TEA to do your analysis, and she will be using it as well to do your bidding.