About Us

What is TEA?

TEA Software is for companies who are concerned about website traffic, TEA Software is a traffic quality management solution that provides actionable insights for click traffic performance. Unlike Google Analytics, TEA Software provides a visitor threat score for all the visitors and an engagement score only for real visitors. TEA Software can identify invalid traffic which can be traced back to the source giving you instant access to specific and actionable information allowing for swift decision making and increased return on advertising spend.

Eliminate Click Fraud
Measure Engagement
Predict Conversion
Optimize Campaigns

We are made of DNA

We have our genetic material codified as DNA. We are Data Driven. You are reading this right now, downloading data into your mind, and processing it. Our behavior on auto pilot is predictable, we wake, we browse online, we sleep without thinking. If you can predict the future, you can than change the present.

We believe in building software that can see and understand the future behavior of online visitors in real time. We will make your online advertising successful by turning your analytics data into HUMAN metadata that is simple to read and understand.

We measure the irrationality of human behavior to predict if a website visitor will turn into a customer. Every Agency and Experts completely ignores this metric, and instead focuses on the relationship between advertising spend and conversions. The core difference is they are letting publishers dictate what traffic they will sell, instead of the advertisers demanding what traffic they will buy.

TEA turns the tables and puts the budget back into the control of the advertiser. We will buy and measure traffic by the hour, not days, weeks or months.