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When launching a new advertising campaign a big question may be how it compares to similar, prior campaigns. If being launched with a phone number, its possible to track leads generated by offline and online advertising to call centers, whether its direct to site traffic, referring websites, or advertising networks. Cool, right? The only downside is that this ends up being a lot of data to collect, and its not something a typical Google Analytics or Omniture implementation can handle on its own. Fortunately, there are tools out there that make this task a little easier.

So how does call tracking work? While there are numerous tools out there to allow you to calls made to your companies call centers, they all work somewhat similarly. Lets say you are launching a new campaign and youre curious how it tests in different regions of the country (for example, east coast vs ). When you launch these campaigns, you set two different 1-800 numbers, one for the east coast and one for the west coast. A call tracking service will then keep track of call data to the different numbers to measure the success rates. This is just an

example to illustrate how call tracking works, but you can use it to track all sorts of things.

Probably the most interesting feature is the ability to track different online campaigns. While des bonus I dont plan on getting into the details of implementation, its possible to track different regions of leads online, compare the success of banner ads as opposed to direct to site calling, and even use 1-800 numbers to track keyword searches.

At this point, youre probably thinking, this sounds great, but how do I start?. As I mentioned, there are quite a few different call tracking tools/services you can choose from. I would recommend going with AvidTrak. There are a number of different and very useful features in addition to the slick UI (pictured below) that make AvidTrak worth mentioning.

AvidTrak was designed to be integrated with Google Analytics. Through extending the ga.js file, AvidTrak is capable of using a Google Analytics ID number to track the region of different leads. Additionally, there is no need for different 1-800 numbers to track keyword searches. Its a pretty powerful tool and one worth giving a shot.

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