Click Fraud and Engagement

Finally, Automated Bid Management for Adwords

With Automated Engagement Fraud Protection and Click Fraud Protection

  • Tag Visitor Traffic
  • Predict Sales Conversion
  • Eliminate Clickfraud
  • Measure Engagement
  • Optimize Ad Campaigns

Automated Engagement Fraud Protection

Did you know that most advertisers never heard of Engagement Fraud that is commited by Google themselves? Did you know that Engagement Fraud is responsible for most of your wasted ad spend. Did you know that Google delays your bid adjustments by 18 hours and will only adjust your bid.

We monitor your visitor behavior in realtime and automatically adjust your keyword bid cost, ad position, bid geolocation, bid hourly and daily schedule, and even pause keywords that do not perform.

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We're better than an Adwords Expert

Did you know that most pay per click experts spend more time preparing your weekly progress report for you than working on improving your account? Did you know that they've never heard of Engagement Fraud, and if they did they will dismiss it because they would lose your account if they used it? Did you know your Adwords Expert solely relies on Google conversions tracking to optimize your campaign.

There is a better way! We do not rely on Google Conversions or Google Analytics, instead we detect your visitors every touch, click and mouse movement. Then using the behavioral patterns of visitors that successfully converted on your website we adjust yours bids to improve the probability of buying traffic that matches those behavioral patterns.

We Want to Be Your Partner, Not Just Your Vendor

We've created this software and we've created the best practice on how to use it. We've spent two years building a world-class remote team to work for you. If anyone is going to solve your adwords campaign, that will be us. Below is a replay of a webinar previously hosted by Igor Soshkin (CEO) and Jason (Senior Sales Associate) that introduces our company and what we can do for you.

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