Optimize Google Adwords
with our Machine Learning Predictive Analytics

We find the best performing keywords, automate your adwords bids, eliminate click fraud, and outperform any pay per click expert in the industry, guaranteed.

Eliminate Click Fraud

We save you money by separating real people from fake click bots that are defrauding your ad campaigns.

Measure Engagement

We measure and analyze how visitors use your website before they decide to buy and improve your website instead of your ads.

Predict Conversion

Predict how likely a visitor will turn into a buyer by comparing their browsing behavior to those who have already bought from you.

Optimize Campaigns

By understanding what campaigns are providing engagement, you can quickly turn off your non-performing campaigns.

What happened after a customer bought a million visitors?

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How do we succeed every time?

We will take your pay per click campaign through our 9-1-1 Benchmark, and we will give you results beyond your expectations.

The only thing you have to lose is not to give it a try. See how we do it below.

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Better than a Google Adwords Expert

Did you know that most pay per click experts spend more time preparing your weekly progress report for you than working on improving your account? Did you know that they've never heard of Engagement Fraud, and if they did they will dismiss it because they would lose your account if they used it? Did you know your Adwords Expert solely relies on Google conversions tracking to optimize your campaign.

There is a better way! We do not rely on Google Conversions or Google Analytics, instead we detect your visitors every touch, click and mouse movement. Then using the behavioral patterns of visitors that successfully converted on your website we adjust yours bids to improve the probability of buying traffic that matches those behavioral patterns.

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