Threat & Engagement Analytics

Engaged Segment

Today, every visitor that comes to your website has some kind of engagement. Our analytics software will score every one of your visitors with one of the engagement scores, poor, average, good or excellent.

Sometimes it takes a while before a prospect is willing to buy from you. Keep up with him and be there when they are ready.
Poor performing traffic is useless traffic. Eliminate non-converting traffic and focus on the avenues that work for you.
Properly measure traffic attribution on all your campaign efforts.
Let us manage your PPC campaigns, you can't go wrong with our experience and technology.

Threat Segment

All click fraud bots behave like a machine, for example a human will not make his mouse cursor jump 800 pixels across the screen without moving it across through the middle first. We monitor these and red flags.

We assign engagement levels to all the traffic that comes to your website. This helps you decide which traffic sources are good and which ones are not working out.
The software keeps track of all your traffic sources and lets you know which advertisers and keywords are a waste of time and money.
Highly configurable settings allow you to optimize your marketing campaigns down to the location, day, and even hour
Click fraud is one of the silent killers of the eCommerce industry. This bad traffic not only drains your technical resources, they also affect your bottom line.
Having trouble with a specific set of IPs? With TEA, you can just straight up block them from accessing your website.