Finally you're the Smartest Advertiser on Google Adwords


Your Hope in Pay Per Click and Google Analytics is Not a Strategy!

Pay Per Click advertising is full of click fraud and under-performing traffic that publishers like Google Adwords are thrilled to sell at a premium price, and give you their own analytics to justify it.

Our experts will use our Engagement Analytics software to analyze the behavioral patterns of your website visitors and predict your conversions in less than 2 days, instead of months. We will also use our Real-Time Threat Analytics software to eliminate your click fraud traffic from all of your campaigns.

As a result, we will outperform any Pay Per Click expert in delivering a return on your investment that you will be thrilled about.


You know how every online advertising expert monitors the conversions to decide if the advertising is worth buying? We do it differently. We've developed a proprietary analytics software that detects every touch, click and mouse movement that each visitor makes on your website. Our engagement software will compare your new visitors behavioral patterns on the website versus the old visitors to suggest if they are going to make a purchase or not.

If a new visitor has the same behavior on the website as an old visitor that has previously bought something on your website, then the new visitor gets a good engagement score. If the new visitor is following the footsteps of MANY old visitors that bought something from your website, then we will suggest that the new visitor has an Excellent engagement score.



Today, every visitor that comes to your website has some kind of engagement. Our analytics software will score every one of your visitors with one of the engagement scores, poor, average, good or excellent.

Our engagement analytics software will generate a ratio for how many good engagements you need to make one sale. Using this ratio, our experts can buy new traffic with unknown quality, and compare it in real time with old traffic that you know is good quality. By doing so, we will predict the future conversions on the new traffic within 48 hours or less by ensuring that the engagement ratio are met.

This method of predicting conversions is not a questionable one. 387 of the Fortune 1000 ecommerce websites are actively using this ratio on their website to buy new traffic, and eliminate poor performing traffic from existing advertising campaigns.


Over the years weve collected enough data to conclude that human beings browse like human beings, and not machines. It is not simple to create a software for a machine to become a human. All click fraud bots behave like a machine, for example a human will not make his mouse cursor jump 800 pixels across the screen without moving it across through the middle first, a bot would. Even the most sophisticated bots only have so many patterns it can follow before giving itself up. The only way to imitate a human is to use the recorded historic data from other humans that have already visited your website and registered with a real email address.

If we detect a visitor who is acting like a bot (machine) we will increase the threat score on that visitor. If we detect anything suspicious we will continue increasing the threat score. We score visitors with a score of 1 for a human, to 10 for a bot. As the visitor continues to trigger different red flags and traps that weve set up, the visitor threat score will continue to increase until they become a threat score of 10.