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TEA stands for Threat and Engagement Analytics, and it is built into Shopping Cart Elite. TEA is similar to Google Analytics, except unlike Google Analytics it will actually show you visitor data that matters. TEA will get rid of all the noise from your visitor analytics, and tell you exactly what your visitors are experiencing. Then you can make a decision if you approve of their experience, or if you should change something about it.

After six years, we finally moved Shopping Cart Elite website on to Shopping Cart Elite platform, and we couldnt wait to use TEA to optimize it. Weve spent over a year building this website, making videos for it, optimizing content for it, and choosing a dozen features out of a few thousand that we have that would be showcased on the website.


Goal: Visitors should browse the website for five minutes

Shopping Cart Elite is an enterprise software that is priced for small businesses. It is crucial for us to have our visitors browse our whole website to learn more about how we can help their business.

Our software can easily power a company that generates $100M revenue. However, our focus is to bring Shopping Cart Elite to small businesses, and we needed to be aligned with a price that small businesses can afford. We came up with three competitive packages that are truly affordable to small businesses.

Challenge: They are not browsing the website!

The problem with the packages is they are straightforward. Instead of tippy toeing around the tulips, we decided on three flat price packages that would include complete END TO END solution. It includes unlimited everything as well as free design, data, setup, development, and all of the features that Shopping Cart Elite has to offer.

The challenge is to get visitors to understand what they are buying because if they are only looking at the price and nothing else, we seem to be a lot more expensive. However, if they do the math, and compare it with any solution in the industry, plus all the upsells they will need to buy to match Shopping Cart Elite functionality, we are a fraction of the cost.

After monitoring the website for a few hours using TEA, we started to see a trend that visitors are visiting the homepage for 30 seconds, then the price for 15 seconds and then leaving the website.

Most businesses that launch their new websites and do not optimize their customer website experience the next day because they dont have the tools to do it. They just launch their new website and move on to their daily grind. If we were to do that with Shopping Cart Elite, we wouldve started generating fewer leads with the new website than we did with the old website.

Resolution: Move the prices down the page

We decided to move the prices down the , so the visitor will read what they are buying before they see the price.


Challenge: They are still not browsing the website!

Moving the price down helped, the visitors were spending two extra minutes on the pricing before leaving, but they still werent browsing the website to see what our software even does.

Resolution: Remove the Price from the Header

We figured that if we hide the link to the prices somewhere else on the then the visitors will start browsing our website. The potential customers that will truly be interested in Shopping Cart Elite will find their way to the pricing if they browse the website for a few minutes. If they dont find the pricing, and they dont inquire, well they are probably not the right type of customer for us anyway.

Our marketing team was concerned that by removing the price link from the header, we will start to generate the wrong type of leads. In fact, anyone I asked about that idea, said it was a BAD IDEA.

I thought it was a brilliant idea, and I had TEA to prove it. We removed the link and waited one day. The pricing link was moved to the bottom of the website. In addition, we put a case study on the pricing about the differences between Shopping Cart Elite and any of our competitors. We also added a video that explained why it makes sense to buy Shopping Cart Elite versus any other solution in the market that promotes cheap prices but has a hidden agenda to extract money by upselling app partner software because their own software is garbage vaporware.



Average visitors stayed on our website for ten minutes, and surprisingly 90% of these visitors found the pricing . We also started getting a lot more leads that were interested in Shopping Cart Elite.

On our old we would get an average of 3 leads per day. Our new TEA optimized website started to get 15 leads per day. Not only did our leads increase by 500% overnight, but the quality of the leads were much better because the visitors took their time to learn about our product, and they saw value in it.

If we did not have TEA, there is no way that we would be able to optimize our website in 24 hours, definitely, not with Google Analytics, or with any other affordable analytics software in the industry. We have over 1,000 visitors per and TEA pinpoints trends from truly potential customers. Instead of analyzing 1,000 visitors per day, I only need to review 50 that I need to worry about. I cant even imagine how disappointing and frustrating our experience would have been without TEA in place.


You may be stuck in your daily grind, and you may not even realize that a few little tweaks on your website can make an enormous difference in your sales. In our case, a few minutes of work resulted in a projected three million dollars per year.

We use TEA not only to measure engagement, but to also fine-tune our paid marketing campaigns, remarketing campaigns, and find out more about what our customers like and dont like.

Just imagine what you can do with Google if you can guarantee that every dollar that you spent would result in positive return on investment. You no longer need to take risks, you can take low calculated risks using TEA.

TEA is our secret to $100M company, and we have a clear direction on how to use it to get there.

We improve TEA every month, we use it every day, and we want TEA to be your secret as well. If you want to grow your company sales double, triple or quadruple, then TEA is the tool you need to have under your belt. If you dont use TEA you will have an extremely hard time growing without it.

You may feel that our opinion is biased but we can tell you one thing, that we use it every single day for ourselves and for our clients, and we find tremendous value in it.