Pelican Cases Case Study

About the client is an authorized distributor of Pelican products. They offer only the toughest airtight and watertight protective cases on the planet. Delivering for individuals, businesses and militaries around the world. Industry leading customer service combined with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

The Challenge

  • Volume of Transactions
  • Cost per Conversion

Our Results

Here is a quick run down of our results:

  • Number of conversions increased by 90%.
  • Cost Per Conversion decreased by 41.2%.
  • Number of clicks have increased by 97.1% and impressions by 428.8% for roughly the same budget. This is possible because the average cost per click has decreased by 43.35%.
  • 3.43% month-to-month revenue growth.
  • Ads appear on top of Google search page 87.55% of the time.
  • Spend on Bing Ads have decreased by 43.7%.
  • Conversions have increase by 12.1% while clicks decreased by 25.1%. This shows that we were able to target the best converting audience for the lowest possible cost.
  • Cost per conversion has decreased by 48.2%.
  • Conversion rate has increased by 19%.

Our Services:

  • Keyword Research on Competitors
  • Bid Strategy Optimization
  • Google Adwords and Bing Ads Optimization
  • Location and Device Performance Analysis
  • Intelligent Auto Bid Management
  • Click Fraud Detection and Optimization

Complex Solutions Provided:

  • Google Ads Search+
  • Google Ads Shopping+
  • Google Ads Remarketing
  • Bing Ads Search+
  • Bing Ads Shopping

Step-by-Step Solutions