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Selling and buying of services and goods over the Web is referred to as eCommerce which has grown exponentially worldwide. eCommerce is not just limited to consumers using the Internet to but also includes distributors and manufacturers negotiating together, as well the banking system for online transactions and paying bills. However, with any new communication system, attention must be paid to keeping that system secure for all parties involved. The global news has brought eCommerce security problems to the forefront, but beyond just changing passwords.

This year, 2012, has seen a 25% spike in eCommerce activity around the world, where the U.S. and European countries like England, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France, the Netherlands and more, have come together to form a global eCommerce association. This expanding association's mission is to increase the success of all eCommerce industry via finance, lobbying, security, and supporting the future of broadband, as well as bringing in new top brand named members.

Last year, 2011, saw the eCommerce industry introduce new tools that generated a huge increase in online sales and is continuing into 2012 with additional innovations and technology designed for greater acceleration in online transactions. The present Internet systems that push eCommerce forward was seen recently when a top web search engine, announced that it would gather personalization information from web searches to leverage and attract more users. Other eCommerce tools include the advent of that consumers are using daily to shop and search for things we fancy, such as locations, stores, and much, much more.

The leader in driving momentum for eCommerce, are the top global social networks. Social networks are invaluable for conducting eCommerce transactions as people share their preferences and companies share products with search users. The growth of the eCommerce industry opens up global jobs and careers that will be in an Internet universe that yet to see its peak.

Employment in the Internet and computer have a myriad of job openings from companies and businesses, which have a presence on the web. These jobs range from market research, digital operations, web content technology, SEO usability, net/web developers, data analysts, e-procurement experience and e-invoicing skills. The eCommerce security challenges for the present and future, involve the safety of the public and their personal information. Security advances that are ever changing include code signing certificates which the public through this software developer's technology, that their information is guaranteed to be secure. Other advances include personal firewalls that protect the consumer's computer from attack and server firewall protocols (SSL) which translates and protects the data between consumers and their intended site.

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